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Zintax Consulting concentrates on the needs of our clients and their businesses and employees, not on the products offered.  It is our mission to anticipate rather than react to the corporate need.  Our working alliance with the most reliable insurance providers allows us to offer programs that meet the demand with careful consideration to budget limitations.

Employee Benefits:

Health Insurance

​Zintax Consulting has thirty-plus years of experience in the Health Insurance field and the ability to assist employers to find the most comprehensive plans at affordable rates. Our specialists provide support throughout this process and assist with the design, selection, installation, and administration of your Health Insurance benefits to maintain a happy and productive work environment.

Group Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance is one of the least expensive employee benefits offered and one of the most relevant.  Do your employees have Life Insurance protection to supplement their existing coverage?  Zintax Consulting will assist them to obtain inexpensive life coverage voluntarily to meet this need.

Dental Benefits

Dental Benefits are a very important piece of the employee’s Group Health program that employers and employees should never overlook. The need for good oral health is essential to prevent unnecessary medical bills.

International Coverage

Zintax Consulting has extensive experience in the administration of International Group Benefits to many Fortune 500 companies. Whether an Ex Patriot working abroad or Third Country Nationals, Zintax Consulting can administer benefits in culturally and politically sensitive situations including Kidnap and Ransom coverage.

Retirement Benefits

Zintax Consulting will assist employers to design and to implement the most reliable defined contribution retirement program that accommodates your specific legal requirements. You may need a 403(b), a 457(b), or a 401 (k) plan. 403(b) plans are available for schools, churches, and nonprofits, 457(b) plans are more geared toward government and municipal employees (but may be offered by tax-exempt organizations for a select group of highly compensated or management employees), and 401(k) s are generally offered by for-profit businesses.


Enrollment and Documentation

Zintax Consulting works closely with clients in the installation and enrollment process of programs and supports the education required for employees to guarantee efficient management of benefit plans.   

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